Making Learning Fun

We are a global startup taking on the world of

education and publishing


About Us

Our team is global. We specialize in educational products, delving into the world of

print and digital content. Our indie studio has a passion for catering to students,

parents and schools as well as the corporate market.

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what we do

We have an expert team of Teachers, Researchers and Technologists

Working across a number of global cities to build best of breed

The Studio works on three main strands of work:

Tools for Schools
Learning Games

These products are currently deployed in schools around the world

team work

Some of our projects...

Make History: A visual journey following milestones from IB curriculum History.


Delve into the world of real case studies to better grasp Economics concepts through graphic novels.


PARMISSION, a school comms product helping parents and teachers conquer their to-dos!


Classroom language learning is so much more fun with POLLYWORDS PRO!