Erly Stage Studios has worked on many publications that serve to educate audiences on important topics through the graphic novel medium.

We have written and designed our own titles. You can find more about our publications and shop our titles on

GERM WARFARE A very graphic history

We partnered with the Blue Ribbon Panel and the US Congress to advocate for greater investment into fighting biological warfare. This was in 2019 pre-Covid!

Max Brooks, the award winning author, has partnered with ERLY STAGE STUDIOS to produce GERM WARFARE: A Very Graphic History, a highly stylized and engaging graphic novel depicting previous biological warfare events, the possibilities for the future, and the continued need for public health security.

REAL FAKE Resilience Series

We partnered with US govt agencies (DHS) to fight disinformation around the US election and foreign state led campaigns, using social media to influence outcomes.


We partnered with US govt agencies (DHS, CDC) to fight disinformation around the Covid-19 Vaccine , using a graphic novel to communicate important public health information to college students and young adults.


We got our start with a humble kickstarter campaign where we set out to create “Edutainment” materials starting with History.

The series has enjoyed considerable global success which began with a successful kickstarter campaign.


Real Economics is a series that focuses on topics such as the 2008 financial crisis and market monopoly.

The aim of the series is to educate readers about business and finance, help them understand market concepts, and communicate the need for regulations in the financial system.


Talking up is a series aiming to inspire and encourage emotional development.

Each short story has underlying meaning that can help develop your child and give them moral guidance.In gaining an understanding bullying, integration, physical disability to emotional control.