Gaming is an industry worth over $100bn and is set to grow exponentially. Erly Stage Studios has created engaging gaming experiences across a variety of platforms.


We are currently working on Roblox to build planet-positive games with brands that want to make a difference.

Our game ‘Return of the Wild’ allows players to restore a virtual ecosystem in the Amazon Rainforest by completing a number of challenges. When playing the game, players are protecting ecosystems in real life. For every 50 virtual trees planted in the game, Erly Stage Studios pledges to plant an actual tree in an area affected by deforestation.


We have also built on iOS and created Pollywords, which allows players to learn new languages through word games. The game is available in over 10 languages including English and Turkish, and pioneered the use of Franko-Arabic and romanised Urdu. When building Pollywords, we also leveraged user-generated content (UGC) to help capture the correct pronunciation of words. The game has been played across hundreds of schools in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and showcased at TechCrunch conferences around the globe. Pollywords was recognised as a top 50 game in Asia and received acclaim from media outlets such as Huffington Post and Wamda.