Ad a dot to your team and make it easier to manage employees and their time through this collaborative platforms


Organisations all over the world face a similar challenge. This is centred around keeping on top of how resources are utilised within teams, whether they can be used more effectively or if employees are overloaded with work and risk burning out. Managing people and their time is a complicated task. It is difficult to assess whether employees are working at optimum capacity and where teams need further resources and help.


Adadot removes the burden of managing these key resources, by providing a platform that gives organisations greater overview over their teams. Team leaders can view how busy team members will be over a certain period, how time is being utilised and allows resources to be shared. Organisations have the ability to augment the capacity of their own teams or share their resources with external teams and organisations. Erly Stage Studios has worked closely with Adadot and provided UI/UX expertise in order to create a user experience that allows for managers and heads of teams to have a clear overview over their employees’ workload and consider whether their skills could be better utilised elsewhere. Thus Adadot provides a solution to resource management, by filling in gaps in resources quickly and easily, particularly when working on tight deadlines.


This results in organisations being able to discover where they have free capacity and where they can do with some help, allowing them to better manage and gain value from teams and untap hidden skills. By providing greater insight into how teams are working and by sharing resources, Adadot removes the stress of finding the right fit for an organisation. Adadot’s marketplace makes this process 80% faster and 40% cheaper than traditional hiring.