About us

We are a global startup

working on Education, Content

Publishing and Learning Games

What we have built

We have an expert team of Teachers, Researchers and Technologists working across a number of global cities to build best of breed software and other resources (print) for education.

The Studio works on three main strands of work:

Tools for Schools


Learning Games

These products are currently deployed in schools around the world

More Information

We work hand in hand to make sure that the right resources are available for Innovative Teachers (these can also be parents or private tutors) and Administrators looking to bring a fresh approach to learning and teaching. Both Print and Digital resources are available for Teachers, Parents and Students to pursue the study of subjects across the Pre-K, K-12 and Higher Education spectrum.

To learn about our Corporate work please reach out to us at info@erlystage.com


Tools for Schools

We also take great pride in improving the teacher and parent experience through our Tools for Schools with our Communication products as well as bespoke School Management Software that can help manage arrivals, attendance and fees.



We are huge fans of creating new ways to communicate educational information. The Studio are pioneers in creating Graphic Novels to teach curriculum based History (We developed thousands of art assets in-house) to delivering self directed digital illustrated graphic novels to teach Economics. From illustrated books for young children that speak to Emotional Intelligence and building EQ, we work with schools to find the most engaging content for their needs. Ask about the Talking Up series when you contact our team to learn more.



We were the first company in the world to launch a multi-lingual word game allowing students to improve their English and learn other languages like French, Spanish, German and even Turkish, all through Play! Schools asked us to add Latin so we listened (watch out for POLLYWORDS.com and POLLYPRO our schools product in September 2016).

We continue to develop games for all audiences and across all ages including corporate games to make learning fun! Talk to us about things that you think are 'soul crushingly boring' and let us surprise you with our ideas. We did afterall turn 'Negotiation' into a comic book game for one client and even created a game for a hospitality group to teach 'Revenue Management'. Think there is something you can't learn through a game? Think again!

Learning across markets

We apply learning from Emerging markets into Mature Markets and vice versa allowing for innovation in pedagogy or education technology big and small to be shared across schools.

From Singapore Math making its way into other markets to the spread of the Graphic Novel as a medium for education from Europe there is a world of innovation to discover.

How can we help you?

Contact us to discover how we can partner with you for trying out our suite of products and services to improve educational outcomes and engagement. We maintain that learning should always be fun regardless of what you are teaching or learning, be it Numeracy and Literacy at the early stages or advanced level Math, Economics or History.

Whether its needing a bespoke website for your school (we have done many of these before) , deploying a state of the art Parent teacher communication system or implementing a new method for teaching math - we cater to the education sectors broad needs. We also help with teacher training and if there is something we can't do you can always count on us to point you to the right experts in the market that can get the job done!

Our Work

We have worked across platforms to develop technology that is fit for your educational institution's purpose. From Native apps across IOS and Android to Web Apps that can scale across any device you can count on us to help you bring the very best to your learners and their families.